Time survival game with rougelike elements

Choose from various spells and items and be overpower

Everything stacks:
All items, spells and potions stack. That means there is no limit to how powerful you can become.

Wave-based combat:
creatures appear in waves. How many waves can you survive?


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endless-waves-survival_mac_v0.12.0.zip 45 MB

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Good game!

Hello, i played this game on crazy games, and it was really fun, my only criticism is that once you have maxed out all of the cards, you cant level them up anymore, so I would revamp the leveling requirement to exponentially get higher and higher, rather than it just being the level multiplied by 3.

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I've been playing this game on crazygames for a while. This game is really good. The graphics of the characters and enemies are beautiful. Talents are good. Items aren't bad. Being able to customize cards is super cool. My only criticism for now is that the maps are small and simple. Maps should be larger and decorated with various ornaments (like weather, stones, flowers, trees, etc. any material that will make it feel atmospheric).  

In addition; When we are defeated, all our items should not be deleted. It's sad to see that all the items I've collected are gone in just one game. Or a warning letter can be placed in the backpack section. For example, "If you lose in the game, the items are gone, so be sure to sell the items you won't be using."

My favorite weapons: Dagger, Arrow, Arc Lightning


hi, thanks for the feedback,

about map size, I think you'll like the next map I'm working on, it won't have borders, infinite size xD

about improving the appearance of the maps, yes, it is in my todolist to add elements, to improve the atmosphere as you commented

about losing items, it's something intentional to encourage their use and also increase the difficulty, but you're right, this behavior is obscure, I'll put a message as you suggested

again, thanks a lot for the feedback ;)

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I appriciate that you released the android version for free. I enjoyed it and ended up buying the desktop version today. I also appriciate that this game is pretty lightweight since I don't have high-spec devices.

Fun game! But one thing I've been annoyed is that the exit. I accidentally touched it many times. I'd be happy if there is a dialog box before a session actually exits.

I'm glad you liked it

add a confirmation dialog when touching the exit button during the game?

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Not the button, I mean this:

But I guess it's an intentional design to increase the difficulty of the game ? If so, I won't argue anymore. But if not, I really want the game to show a confirmation dialog when the character touches it.

ow, got it

this has option in the settings screen:

"Activate Portal"

By default, this is the behavior, when entering the portal it is activated

there are 2 other options:

Action: a button appears to activate

Channeling: you need to stand still for 1.5 seconds

in the mobile version there is no "Action" option

thanks for the feedback

any other feedback or anything you would like in the game, feel free to leave a comment on discord

My bad, I should have investigated the game carefully. English is not my native language, and I didn't even know what "portal" means.

Anyways thanks for your help :)